Firmware updated to revision 5.1 (03.09.2011):
  • fixed WLAN/souncard support connected to USB port
  • fixed usage of custom fonts

Since I didn't get much feedback regarding 'the best firmware revision', I've decided to stay with r4824 for now. If somebody wants to develop custom firmware based on the latest SDK, I can help, but certainly I'm not going to do 100% of work, that's for sure. Unfortunately PlayOn!HD has only 128 MB of flash space, whereas most of other RTD1073 media players have 256 MB, so the biggest problem was to add new features, while still staying within yaffs2 filesystem. Anyway, here it goes.


If you have any USB soundcard which is compatible with snd-usb-audio.ko module, I've got fantastic news for you. Just plug it into PlayOn!HD, execute sound-enable to insert modules and you can play MP3 files with mpg123/madplay/other tools. You can use sound-disable to unload modules and free up resources as well.

Starting from this release you have a choice regarding swap. If you have eswap file in the root of HDD it will be used, otherwise RAMzSWAP will create virtual swap. In the 'hardcore' tests I've performed, I couldn't manage to use swap completely (DvdPlayer is crashing too soon, even if there's still a lot of swap space available), so swap size has been decreased to 16 MB. This might speed-up access to swap by PlayOn!HD. If the size is not enough for you, there's always a possibility to increase it.

This firmware release is introducing better GUI. It is impossible to completely change it to GUI 2.0 or anything like that while staying on current SDK firmware (r4824), so I've decided to improve current graphical interface:
  • completely new main menu
  • awful white/red buttons are replaced with something better
  • white background for messages has been removed
  • the famous 'almost-invisible-green-selection-bars' are replaced with something better
  • fixes for selection bars in Shoutcast radio which A.C. Ryan couldn't fix (255, 255, 255 bug)
  • improved Browser, File Copy and Setup (thank you Eminent)
  • basic clean-up resulting in 62 removed images (26% decreased space usage)
  • some other minor fixes..

InfoSite has been largely updated, introducing new menu and internal structure.
  • Browser -> Media: improved partitions scanning for compatibility with Mini!
  • Browser -> Media: removed device auto-detection (didn't give 100% accuracy)
  • Disk -> Benchmark/Partitions: extended benchmark tests for all devices
  • Disk -> S.M.A.R.T. (NEW): showing S.M.A.R.T. information for internal disk
  • Editor: improved code + extended list of files + expand text area for better visibility
  • GUI -> Buttons: added 7x new packs (Asus, Eminent, GUI2, GUI2mod, Mede8er, Sky, Xtreamer)
  • GUI -> Font (NEW): use custom fonts instead of default one
  • GUI -> Screenshot (NEW): make screenshots directly on media player (doesn't work in video mode)
  • Misc -> Flash (NEW): showing NAND information
  • Misc -> Memory: added showing RAMzSWAP stats
  • Misc -> Terminal: few code improvements
  • Network -> DHCP (NEW): renew IP address via DHCP
  • Optware: small fixes to page layout
  • Process: added killing process by name
  • RSS -> Jukebox (NEW): manage SRJG using webinterface
  • RSS -> Metafeeds: added option to restore original menu.rss
  • RSS -> Weather: adjusted settings for Weather v3
  • Services: updated with new tools
  • Tools (NEW): quick links to mostly used webinterfaces
  • Exit: added complete power-off option (no stand-by mode)

  • added bmp2jpg
  • added disktype 9
  • added madplay 0.15
  • added NZBGet 0.7.0 (thank you kawakinho)
  • added smartmontools 5.40
  • added udpxy 1.0.16
  • added uShare 1.1a
  • updated lighttpd to 1.4.29
  • updated Midnight Commander to
  • updated nano to 2.2.6
  • updated transmission to 2.33
  • updated vsftpd to 2.3.4

RSS (update):
  • added IMDB images (used by ISS)
  • added NZBGetweb (web inferface for NZBGet)
  • replaced RTL Gemist with NTV services
  • updated rssEx to 2.0.9 (Youtube is working)