Update (by Oscar Jan. 12, 2013):

- Sorry, now Mike's online service is down.
- Here is my  last.xml   snapshot from Jan 5 with some more German channels added.
- Unzip this XML file to   scripts\rtmp-db\db\   and run database update if you lost all channels.


Rtmp-db is a package for PlayOn!X project made by Oscar. If you would like to contact him, please use following e-mail address: lorolouis @ (without spaces).

This add-on is based on rtmpGUI PC application:

It allows watching directly on POHD many rtmp streams from XML database list, maintained by rtmpGUI users:

It uses SQLite Database, PHP engine and it needs working media-translate (rssEx) package with rtmpdump binary. See for the original rssEx sources.

Live update of the Channel list (to local Database) from website is provided by a menu entry. The menu also offers search and sorting within main and favorite databases. Favorite's functionality is implemented by 0 button.


    1) Extract and copy files from: to your media player HDD /scripts/rtmp-db

    2) Create the following menu entry in your navigation rss (menu.rss):

    3) Using a local XML list instead of Online Update
    Copy your XML file structured as per rtmpGUI format to /home/scripts/rtmp-db/db/last.xml
    The DB update will be taken from it instead of online list. If you want to synchronize DB to the online list again, just remove or rename the local file /home/scripts/rtmp-db/db/last.xml

    4) Submitting new channels to rtmpGUI shared online database:
  • Install VLC 1.x and rtmpGUI PC application from here:
  • Sign for free API key:
  • Follow the instructions discussed in the official thread