File Size Description 31,3 MB PlayOn!X r4824 rev5.1 for PlayOn!HD (ACR-PV73100) Release notes 31,3 MB PlayOn!X r4824 rev5.1 for PlayOn!HD (ACR-PV73100) - Safe version Release notes 31,3 MB PlayOn!X r4824 rev5.1 for PlayOn!HD Mini! (ACR-PV73200) Release notes 31,3 MB PlayOn!X r4824 rev5.1 for Patriot Box Office Media Player (PBO) Release notes 31,3 MB PlayOn!X r4824 rev5.1 for Woxter i-Cube 750, E-Boda HD for all 500 and Emtec N200 Release notes
Optware Optware pack
RSS RSS pack Swap file


Download correct PlayOn!X firmware and flash it onto your media player. If in doubt, use safe version (backward-compatible, only for PlayOn!HD).

After flashing firmware it's STRONGLY recommended to install both Optware and RSS packs, so you can enjoy all features.

Optional: you can use swap file to slightly improve PlayOn!HD performance. Just extract this file on NTFS partition (/tmp/hdd/volumes/HDD1) and activate in /usr/local/etc/myS (you can use Telnet or InfoSite).

PlayOn!HD Mini! notes

Although it's mentioned in changelog, I'll try to explain a little bit further using PlayOn!X firmware on PlayOn!HD Mini! (and other media players without internal hard disk).

You must have at least one ext3 partition on USB disk. NTFS partition is optional - if found, it will be used instead of ext3 for RSS pack. In any case, total size of partition(s) must be at least 400 MB. When you are ready (prepared USB disk is connected to media player), execute once /usr/local/etc/mountS file to check if it found your partition(s). Symlink /home and directory /tmp/hdd/root/ should follow to the right partition(s).

After successful testing, you can install packs (Optware + RSS) and enable automatic executing of /usr/local/etc/mountS in /usr/local/etc/myS start-up file. bloemkool has prepared sample package to use USB disk instead of internal HDD: modfiles.tar. See playonX.txt file inside package for detailed instructions.


Name Description Port Default state Username Password Location
vsftpdFTP server21DisabledftpadminftppassOptware pack)
dropbearSSH client/server22Disabledroot-Optware pack
telnetdTelnet server23Enabledroot-Firmware
httpdWeb server80Enabled--Firmware
lighttpdPHP web server82Disabled--Optware pack
ntpdNTP client/server123 *Disabled--Firmware
transmissionTorrent client9091Disabled--Optware pack
mediatombUPnP media server49152Disabled--Optware pack

* - only in server mode