Weather v3  is an improved version of  Weather Remake, with completely new, based on XBMC design and functionalities:
  • ambient music for selected weather conditions (thunderstorms, rain etc.)
  • different backgrounds depending on current weather
  • multilingual


Download: Weather v3 (20,8 MB)
You can also get optional pack with alternative backgrounds HERE (5,2 MB)

Extract whole directory wherever you want. If you have it in /home/scripts/Weather, add something like that in menu.rss:
<media:thumbnail width="120" height="90">
     if (getQueryItemIndex() == 1)
          if (state == "focus") { "/home/scripts/Weather/image/weather_focus_en.jpg"; }
          else			{ "/home/scripts/Weather/image/weather_unfocus_en.jpg"; }

And adjust line 15 in Weather/weather.rss to:
wDir = "/home/scripts/Weather/";

That's all.


Take a look into Weather/weather.conf:

1st line is Yahoo code, for example Vancouver is CAXX051
2nd line is scale: must be c or f (Celsius/Fahrenheit)
3rd line is for custom background music, if you want to use it provide valid local path or remote URL (like, otherwise it must be set to no

You can also use echo, if you don't have any editor. Examples:
echo -e "NLXX0017\nc\nno" > /home/scripts/Weather/weather.conf
echo -e "USIL0228\nf\nno" > /home/scripts/Weather/weather.conf
echo -e "PLXX0010\nc\n" > /home/scripts/Weather/weather.conf


To change language, replace Weather/lang/default with one of these files:
If you want to make official translation of  Weather v3 , just edit Weather/lang/default and send me the file with information about translation's author and language name.




Weather v3 made by mikka.
Weather backgrounds collected by timdog82001.
Free audio samples made by The Virtual Sound Company.