Does this also work on the PlayOn!HD2 / PlayOn!HD Mini2?

Where do I start?

Where is the newest firmware download?

What's the difference between two firmware versions: normal and safe?
Installer. Normal version is used for compatibility with older devices, while safe is for people which are not able to boot normal version.

Do I have to format hard disk or make any changes to it?

Can it simply be installed without Linux knowledge?
Yes, but Linux experience is always an advantage.

What works and what does not work?
There are the same bugs (like SPDIF pass-through) as in original firmware (closed source code), but you'll get professional tools (with Optware pack) and more Internet Feeds (with RSS pack).

YAMJ works?
It's the same as in original firmware (closed source code).

Is it stable?
Most of the time: yes.

How is the network copy speed?
Almost the same as with the original firmware, although transfer via FTP might give better results than normally.

How about DLNA?
Not in this SDK.

Is it possible to flash back A.C. Ryan firmware again?
Yes. Always.