Update 18.01.2014: fixed playing video and added 3D formats.


Youtube implementation for PlayOn!X firmware (independent from rssEx).

Main features:
  • play and download Youtube videos
  • multilingual
  • extended search and list of categories
  • page navigation between search results
  • user uploads, favorites, playlists and subscriptions
  • selectable quality format 240p - 1080p and several 3D formats
  • list of favorite users and clips
  • list of downloaded clips
  • quick link to the recently played video
  • easy configuration using web-interface

Requirements: lighttpd with PHP (cURL is NOT needed) and 4 MB of disk space


Youtube 4 made by mikka.
This software is using code from ГлавТВ team (agent_wowa / consros), from oscar and graphics from XBMC & Pavlik.

No commercial use is allowed without permission.


Automatic (only PlayOn!X users):
cd /tmp && wget && sh

If you don't have the latest RSS pack yet, you have to update Youtube item in menu.rss as well.

Manual: first extract Youtube package into /home/scripts/ directory, then add (or replace existing) following item in /home/scripts/menu.rss:


Automatic: use Youtube Web Configuration (open http://REALTEK-IP:82/Youtube4/web.php) to change settings. Hover over question marks to see a pop-up with more information. Recommended screen resolution for using web-interface is 1024x768 and bigger.

Manual: look inside of /home/scripts/Youtube4/settings.xml file.


This is a correct order to determine which path is selected for downloading files:
1) Internal HDD
2) External USB1
3) External USB2
4) Youtube path

Files can be found in download/ directory. In case of problems, look into /tmp/youtube-download.log file for details.


Currently our package supports 11 different languages:

Language Code Author   Language Code Author
Bulgarian bg Oscar   Polish pl mikka
Czech cz Vladimir   Romanian ro ileg-Al
English en mikka   Russian ru Oscar
French fr zozodesbois   Slovak sk Vladimir
Hebrew he David Brauman   Spanish es Calimocho
Italian it bovirus  

If you'd like to help translating Youtube into your language, just translate this file: en and send it to me with author's information.


Can't enter Youtube main menu
Make sure that lighttpd webserver is running and path to Youtube package is correct in menu.rss.

It's not possible to play video in HD quality
The list of streams is depending on formats provided by Youtube.

Can't play video error
If HTTPD value in is set to on, make sure that /tmp/www/ is writable. If it's not possible because of read-only filesystem, set HTTPD to off.

Video starts, but stops too soon
If HTTPD value in is set to off, check value in your lighttpd.conf file and change it to write.

Downloading FLV clip is taking forever
Most of the time download speed of MP4 format is much faster than FLV, so use MP4 whenever it's possible.

Downloading doesn't work at all
Usually this happens on non-PlayOn!X firmwares where different version of Busybox is being used. Check /tmp/youtube-download.log file for errors.